Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ateneo Adventure

Yesterday, I was a Green Archer lost in the big, big world of the Blue Eagles. My friends Nikka, Chel and I had to go to Ateneo for an interview as a respondent for a professor's thesis. Although the interview was supposedly an hour, something I was curious and nervous about, I was more than happy to oblige. I love Ateneo! It's my third time to be inside the campus and it's still the most beautiful university I've been to. The vibes was very different in Katipunan compared to Taft. I wish I could just drag La Salle all the way there. 

Oh and wait! Did you know their elevators have sensors?! As in, even if it's about to close, it would stop if it  sensed someone or something was in the way!!! It took me a lot of time to get over that fact! In La Salle, elevator doors were like a game of close-open and you're it if the door hits you! Anyway enough of my rants, here's what I wore to a day of being an Atenista:

My inspiration for the look? Blair Waldorf yet again! Just like in my previous post here. What can I say, I love her style to bits and pieces. Sheer top? Check. Ribbon? Check. Although in true Blair Waldorf fashion, I should be wearing a pencil skirt but since I was afraid it would look like a corporate attire, I went for shorts instead. Afterall, only Leighton Meester can pull off that kind of outfit.

Look, they have a forest in their campus! We barely have tress! HAHA.

Top - Clothes for the Goddess || Shorts - Plains and Prints

Flower ring - Gift || Pink ring - H&M
Wore a nude belt to balance out the pink and black combo! :)

Belt - Debenhams

Flats - CMG

Thank you Nicole for being our tour guide that day! >:D<

Nicole's department!

The interview kind of finished early and I needed my daily Milk Tea fix. I wanted to try Moonleaf but it was a bit far so we went to Tea.ology instead! Ahhhhh, I love the place and tea so much. <3

I actually want to be an exchange student for Ateneo! Just to change things up a bit even just for a month. Haha. But I love my school already. Although we lack the many, many tress and the big Fully Booked, the   Sbarro inside the cafeteria and Tea.ology. To prove my love, I am in the library 8am sharp when my first class is still at 2:40. Have a nice day! :)

Love, Paola <3

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