Monday, March 19, 2012

Fingers Crossed

Today I had an interview for RSSI League of Fashion 2012. It's this yearly summer internship and workshop that brands like Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse and Topman conducts. I'm crossing my fingers for it!!! So anyway, more on that if I get accepted. But if not, let's just all forget that I even mentioned it. HAHA, kidding! :)) I got a taste of what it's like to apply for a real job today, since we were in one room with all other applicants for different positions. Well, it sure is not like a college enrollment where in steps on what to do and what room to go to next are flashed on big signs with big arrows. You are completely on your own. Good thing I made a friend while waiting, so I didn't have to go up and go down again and fill some forms and be nervous while waiting alone. Haha!

We were asked to come in a stylish RSSI outfit! Although I think I was overdressed again, with the heels and all. But I keep this kind of motto in my mind, "there is no such thing as being overdressed, there is only personal style." Oh, the excuses I tell myself! :))

Romper - Topshop

Bangles - Aldo || Ring - Gift

Necklace - Apostrophe

Shoes - Aldo

While we we're on our way to my interview, we passed by this bakeshop with an exterior and interior design of everything upside down called 1950's Pandesal! I was so excited that I got to see it in person already! I cannot count the number of times my Marketing professor told us stories about this place and used it as an example. The bakery is so unique!

See? Upside down car, bicycle, windowsill, roof, flowerpots, upside down everything!

Inside is no difference! See the upside down piano and tables and chairs? So creative!! 

No, I did not rotate that. Even their signage is upside down.

School works are flooding right now! I can feel stress starting seep in. And what makes it even worse is that other schools are starting with their summer vacation already! HUHU. Anyway, I can do this, just a little more push! Oh and yes, please cross your fingers with me? :)

Love, Paola <3

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