Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Look at me, reunited with my favorite building in La Salle, Yuch! How I missed taking outfit shots in school. I miss five hour breaks, I miss minor subjects, I miss last term. But anyway, glad that I'm at least about to finish another term that will take me a step closer to graduation! I know it's still a bit far but I can already feel a teeny, tiniest excitement for it! But I'm still enjoying college despite all the crazy school stuff it brings! And I really love La Salle! Ever since 4th year, I knew it's where I wanted to go in college. To express my deep love for my school, here's an all green outfit for you! 

Just with a hint of pink, of course! :) I love this shirt. How often do you see a printed shirt? Well, not too often for me. So this is really a closet statement, in my opinion. :)

Top - Zara || Skirt - Zara || 

Necklace - Tops
Did you notice that the necklace matches the print of the top? It's probably why they still go together even with both very busy designs. Just a theory. HAHA!

Bangles - Gift

Ring - Gift
Karen! I hope you get to see this! All accessories from you. <3

Flats - Yosi Samra

So anyway, if you are one of those people who wished and crossed their fingers that there will be no classes on Thursday, well sad to say our wish was not granted. :( The website of the House of Congress that we all seem to be buzzing about is not a hoax. The bill was approved, but it's still not yet a law. I should've paid more attention on how laws were approved when I was in high school. But anyway, hope you all have a lovely evening despite that news!

Love, Paola <3

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