Friday, March 23, 2012


As you might have noticed, I don't really make separate posts for events. I usually just put it in my outfit posts. But this is no ordinary blog post, this is MY Hunger Games post. *drum roll*

Let me start off by saying no one will ever understand my attachment to the Hunger Games Trilogy. Therefore, I just might be a little OA and bias. Just a little. So let's start.

Looking at the movie as a whole, it's not nearly as good as the book. But it's the little details that makes it perfect. How Katniss hates Prim's cat, how Gale calls her Catnip and Haymitch calls her sweetheart, Katniss' anger at her mother, the high voltage fence of District 12, the way Effie looked.. it's tiny details like that, that doesn't seem so important and I almost forgot, that makes the movie spot on. Cinematography? Awesome. Fashion? My goodness, hands down to the stylists of that movie. Of all the books turned movies that I watched, this one by far has the most obedient story to book.

One of the things I noticed was that as I let the happenings around the arena unfold before my eyes, it seemed too violent. While I was reading the book, they were still killing each other mercilessly, but it didn't seem violent at all. Oh well, I didn't mind anyway. Second would be that the movie seemed sooooo centered on Katniss. I know it was her perspective in the book but it seemed that she was the most important character in the movie. Which is something not true. That's what I like about the Trilogy, the personalities of each of the characters is so unique and so important that they play such vital roles in the story.

It exceeded my expectation. I have low expectation for books turned into movies ever since Twilight and the Nicholas Sparks stories. I felt like they were a downfall. But with Hunger Games, it's a whole different stories.   The cast, for me, was perfect. The build up of the emotions in the movie was great that during the countdown in the arena, my heart was thumping so hard and I was really stressing out on what's about to happen next even though I know what's supposed to happen next. One more thing though, Cato was so much good looking in the movie than in my mind theater. Such a waste that he died. HAHA!

I have only one advice, whether you liked the story or not, go read book. Some of my friends are telling me that they did not get the beginning and the ending, us readers can explain it but you will never really fully understand it of you haven't read it.

Hooo, did you finish reading that? Congratulations! It took me quite a long time to create this blog post since my first instinct was to type in all caps, full of !!!!!!! at the end of every sentence. The world better not end this 2012. Catching fire will be released in November 2013. And with that, good morning and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!

Love, Paola <3

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