Monday, March 26, 2012

A Night in Candyland

Last Saturday, my close friend Reinee celebrated her 18th birthday! Here's a fact. Reinee and I have been friends since we were 4 or 5 years old. That makes our friendship the longest one I have in my life. When we were in Advanced Casa, we both joined our school's beauty pageant, Little Miss Montessori. I still remember her talent, she danced Pearly Shells while emerging from a big shell on stage! Haha! I'm glad that until now, we're still friends though. Love you Reinee! >:D<

Anyway, her party was held at Club Mwah and her theme was Candyland! Very Katy Perry! Since it's Candyland, its supposed to be colorful. I had this pant suit reserved in my closet for a long time already and I decided it's time to take it out and play with colorful accessories to go with theme. :)

 Pantsuit - The Ramp
Sunburst Necklace - Iora
Belt - XOXO
Bangles - H&M || Bag - Esprit
 Shoes - Zara

Here are a few photos from here fabulous party. The thing I enjoyed most was her performances! Love her dresses as well.  <3

I honestly wanted to touch the cake, you have no idea!
Went crazy with Chel inside the bathroom, every corner was pictorial perfect. We spent about almost an hour taking pictures in mirrors, corners, doors. Haha, I thought I'll outgrow this phase but I guess I still haven't. Specially when you have a friend that's just as vain as you. :))
She looks like a barbie doll!
Meg! It's so nice seeing her again and I'm glad that I got to bond with her. So sad that our other grade school friends did not make it though. :(

Thank you for the night Reinee! I'm sure everybody had a great time. Please continue being my longest and one of my most special friends. >:D< You're finally 18 too. I wish you all the best!!

Love, Paola <3

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  1. Hello :) Okay ba sa club mwah? Coz I'm planning to celebrate my debut there and my theme is also candyland. Feedbacks naman pleasee. Email me Thanks so much!! :)