Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tall and Thin

I'm currently at Goodles, UMall right now as I create this blog post. I'm about to meet two of my friends, but I'm afraid I have to wait a little longer since they haven't left UST yet. Hi Gyll, hi Warren! Hahaha. Then after this, I'm headed straight to Makati. Studying for my accounting quiz now, I'm finding it a little difficult though. :(

So anyway, I'm currently sipping my CBTL latte. Got my first stamp for their planner! I'm still confused on what planner to use for 2012. Starbucks actually has a better one now compared to their 2011 planner. But I find it a little heavy and I bet everybody's gonna be using a Starbucks planner for next year and I wanna be different. Then there's the CBTL planner, I actually like it since it's smaller and a little lighter compared to Starbucks but its interior is not as nice. Then there's the Belle de Jour, I haven't really seen it in person, so I have yet to judge. So which one to get? Suggestions, anyone?

I find my outfit today a little different compared to my usual get up. Here's what I wore:

It's been a long time since I last wore this pants. I'm not a fan of white pieces of clothing cause it easily gets dirty. But in a sea of jeans, I think this actually stands out. Plus, I PERSONALLY think that I look tall and thin in these pants. Hahaha.

Orange shirt - Zara || White pants - Guess || Wedges - Meet My Feet

Dog necklace - Forever 21 || Belt - XOXO

Ring - Rustan's

Bangles - Mia Casa

I look so thin here, maybe I should wear this more often. Hahaha. 

All pictures are taken and edited by (c) Kenneth Virtudazo. I will now go back to my accounting lesson. Despite the noises of the people around me right now, I'm still feeling a little bit sleepy. But I have to finish this already. 

Oh and can I just share what made my day today? It's kuya janitor! Just when I first stepped out from the girl's washroom this morning, I heard someone say "Good morning Mam!" and I was surprised that he was actually talking to me - first because I did not expect that he also greets students unlike other staff and second, that I was called "mam". It actually reminded me of our high school guard. Every morning, I get a "Good morning Pao!" greeting as I enter the gates of Notre. Random greetings make me feel good, be it a from a friend or a stranger. That's it. Take care everyone!

Love, Paola <3

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