Thursday, November 3, 2011

Little Girl

So my best friend and I we're talking awhile ago, I was teasing him that whenever we're together, I feel like I'm with a five year old, and then he told me that he feels the same way, it's just that he feels he's with a four year old. Hahaha. I had no choice but to shut up.

Before turning 18, I honestly thought that it would pave the way for maturity. But I guess I was wrong, maturity still comes from within, not with age. I'm not saying I'm immature, though. People tell me I'm prim and proper but there are just times that I play and talk and act like a little girl. There are times that I feel like I'm still a kid. Nothing really changed now that I'm 18, but I'm hoping to mature a little bit along the way. It has to happen eventually right? Hahaha.

So translating all my thoughts into an outfit, here's the outcome:

An attempt to do a simple color block. I felt like such a kid with the flower on my head. But when I was on my way out, I removed it too. Hahaha. Changed my mind with the image I wanted to portray. I know my pictures are badly edited since I edited them myself but I'm loving so sepia color so please bear with it!

Tank Top - GVP Designs and Collections || Cardigan - F&X || Shorts - Plains and Prints

Necklace - Aldo

Colored bangles - SM Accessories || Silver bangles - Aldo || Gold bangles - Mia Casa || Ring - Mia Casa

Wore that to school earlier today too but I originally paired it with a black skirt. Only had one subject today so I went home early then met my mom at the mall after. AND!!!! I'm so happy since its starting to really feel like Christmas season already with the slightly cold air awhile ago. I hope it continues. It's just too hot in the Philippines nowadays. Let's help stop global warming! Haha, good night now. School's back again!

Love, Paola <3

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