Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Starting December with something really special. 


For the past 18 birthdays that you celebrated with me, I probably have said all that there is to say. And I know that words cannot suffice everything that you've done as a mother, a wife, daughter, sister and all the other roles that you play. Everybody tells me that I'm very lucky since I have everything but I know that the number reason I'm the luckiest girl there is, is because I have you and daddy as my parents. Thank you Mommy, for everything. 

I know people know you as someone who is nice and sweet and generous. But they can never fully know how awesome you are as my mom. Thank you for always having my back no matter what. Thank you for not pressuring me to fulfill your dreams for me but pushing me to reach for mine. Someday mommy, I will make you and daddy proud and I'll surely give back! Thank you for always being fun, too - for not being a serious, grumpy parent and showing me the importance of laughter and smiles. You've also showed me that it's possible to have patience as long as infinity since you practice that with me. Hahaha. 

Now that you're a year older, I wish that you stay healthy and happy. I wish you get to touch more people's lives. I hope that you get more blessings cause you deserve all of it. I love you mommy! >:D<

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