Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29th of February

This pictures do not even justify Manila heat right now. I cannot even keep track of the number of times I said "ang init" today. So I decided to wear an easy outfit in the form of a simple dress, bring out my umbrella, which matches my dress perfectly and stand on our small pond just because it's February 29. I love celebrating or just plain acknowledging special days like this. It's easy to get lost in our everyday routine but it's something I try not to succumb to. That's why I already consider random and different days such as February 29 aka Leap Year Day as something special. :)

Dress - Just G.
Up in a pond under the very bright rays of sunshine! All for the love of blogging! :))

Belt - The Ramp
To counter the simplicity of my dress, I decided to put on a belt which initially goes with a formal dress but I think that it does the trick for a casual dress as well!

Ring - Gift
Zero accessories. Just a statement ring.

Sandals - Meet My Feet
To complete the look, I decided to put on my most trusted sandals!

Aside from today being February 29, another reason why it's pretty special because I got to see my most favorite teacher on earth - Mam Bong. I say this with all honestly, ever since first year though we're still not close, she's my favorite already. She's actually staying in Canada now but paid a one week visit to Manila. Calling her my teacher actually feels weird because although she was a great teacher to us, she's more like a friend and a second parent. I never thought that I would be this close to one of my teachers but I'm thankful I am with Mam Bong. I wish she could stay a bit longer. :(

Endless kwentuhan with Mam, Bes and Incha during lunch! Definitely brought me good vibes. :) 

On that note, I will end my February 29 by saying good night and I hope you had a great day as well!

Love, Paola <3

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