Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Designer's Handbook

After editing these photos over and over because I  keep forgetting to save them, my eyes are now a little sick  looking at the matching pink and blue floral patterns. But when I wore it last Tuesday, I felt like it was a refreshing break from all the plain colors I've been wearing for the past few days. Also, a part of this outfit screams "summer is hear!" with all its floral patterns. These pieces were bought from two different brands despite their same colors and patterns. It got me thinking, maybe there is like a list of colors to  usually pair in the handbook of designers or brand suppliers, maybe? 

This skirt might seem a little familiar since I have it in another color that I posted here. :)

Cardigan - F&X || Top - F&X || Skirt - Forever 21

Ribbon Necklace - Bazaar

Silver bangle - Aldo || Ring - Gift

Print on print! It kind of amazes me that even the kind of flower used is the same. Maybe there's another rule about it in the handbook of the designers, if ever there is one. HAHA! 

Last Tuesday, my friend Neil invited us to watch a play that he was part of in Benilde. I was really so glad that the screening time matched my break because I love seeing my friends perform! The show was called Waiting Area and it's about this place that you go to 3 days after you died. It was an interesting story and and a successful play. Congratulations to all the cast and crew of Waiting Area! :)

Our artista friend! Haha, like I said I love seeing friends perform so I really enjoyed this one! :)

I'll just have to share something. Today is one of those days that the moment right before twilight when the afternoon has ended, everything's color orange. Have you ever noticed that? In rare days, it happens. It's like the sun bathes it last, brights rays on our surrounding before saying goodbye. It makes everything beautiful. I like looking out my window whenever it happens. Hope you guys noticed it! Have a good evening! :) 

Love, Paola <3

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