Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's More Fun in DLSU

Quick post since I'm off to bed now! I just really want to share this one!

DLSU UNIV WEEK WILL START TOMORROW! I'm sure everyone's so excited about it. I am, for sure! What puts me in the univ week spirit? Well, check this videos out! Laughed big time! :)) Whoever thought of this is just plain genius. Just one of the many reasons that IT'S MORE FUN IN DLSU!

Pupunta ka ba? - Viral Ad for DLSU Univ Week

Pupunta ka ba? - Part 2 Viral Ad for DLSU Univ Week

Schedule of Univweek: 
Monday - February 13, 2012 
Eucharistic Celebration 12 noon at the Central Plaza
COSPLAY 6pm at the Amphitheater 

Tuesday - February 14, 2012 
LEAP Class
Be My Valentine 5pm at the Amphitheater
La Salle's Got Talent: Centennial Edition 6pm at the Amphitheater 

Wednesday - February 15, 2012

ANIMOVE: The Animo Dancefest 
2:40pm at the Amphitheater 
LSDC Street, LSDC Contemporary, DLSU Pep Squad, DLS-Zobel Pep Squad, Zobel Dance Crew, DLS-Lipa Salindayaw, and DLS-Dasma Points N' Flexes 

Friday - February 17, 2012
Lasallian Showcase 4pm at the Amphitheater 
Animovement: THE BIG 100! 
Airdance Philippines, Legit Status, Techie Romantics, Taken by Cars, Radioactive Sago, Updharmadown and Franco
Hosted by: slick Rick, Sam YG and Ramon Bautista

I got all videos and information from Youtube and Facebook. :) I wish I could credit the videos properly though! I know that on Friday, gates will be open to everyone so visit La Salle and experience Univ Week the Animo way! So excited!!!!! Good night. >:D<

Love, Paola <3

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