Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 and all it's Glory

There's something about New Year's Eve. Christmas is the most special and holy celebration of all and birthdays are all about fun and the day being centered on you. But New Year is just different. One, because it is celebrated by almost everyone. Every race, every country, every religion. Two, because it gives way to a lot of things. People are hopeful during New Year. It gives out chances for a new and better beginning. It signifies that we can now change and start again. It gives us another clean slate to start over and fill it up with new memories and experiences. If the previous year has been a not so good one, we can look forward to the next to be a better one, but if the previous year has a been a good one, then we also look forward for the next to even be better than the last. So either way, we all look forward to the New Year.

Although New Year is all about new beginings, it also involves endings. 2011 has been a very great year for me and I feel very blessed. A lot of things has happened and with that, I just wanna share with you the top 5 most memorable things that happened to me during 2011:

1. Seeing Taylor Swift live in person (February) - Okay, so your probably laughing after seeing that this got to the top of my list. That's because I'm doing this in a chronological order. Fan girl mode!! I am the biggest Taylor Swift fan and all her songs, I know by heart. So this year, she had a Speak Now world tour and I tell you, we went through such great lengths to have the tickets. Thank you Carlitos, for being my buddy that night. And thank you to our parents as well, they've put through so much effort just so we could watch since it's really hard to get tickets. One word to describe the concert? Magical. <3

2. Visiting Japan (March) - As most of my friends know, we went to Japan last March. And when we got there, we we're greeted by the earthquake. Yes, we went to Japan the same time the disastrous Japan earthquake happened. It was an incentive trip of my mom's company and my dad and I we're with her. Never in my wildest dreams have I imagined a trip like that. It was very, very scary more than anything. But it was also very special because there is just so much beauty in Japan, the people and everything. We we're also with good company. It is by far my most memorable trip and I had so many stories to tell the moment we landed back to Manila. So please continue praying for Japan and visit there if you can! It's too beautiful for words. :)

3. Shifting to Marketing (April - June) - Flashback last May, when the results of my last Quali was out, I've never even thought I'd consider this a blessing. I spent the day in my room, trying to fix a new sched, not replying to all of my friends' text messages and just crying. This experience made me believe that sometimes, some blessings are really in disguise. Sometimes, although we've made plans and convinced ourselves already, somethings are really just not for us and we have to learn the hard way. But I've also learned that this leads to greater things. When I shifted to Marketing, it may sound cheesy but I knew that I was on the right track already which means new and bigger dreams. To all who are reading this, I only wish that you all find the right track for you and your dreams the same way I did. :)

4. Starting my blog: Love, Paola <3 (September) - I've been blogging ever since I started high school. Some blogs are in my Multiply account, and I even had  Xanga and Hi-5 accounts which are all for blogging, too. I may seem quiet and with very little opinion in person, especially with people I'm not close with. But when it comes to writing, I always have something to say, I have many thoughts to put into words and many things to write about. What led me to fashion blogging, that I do not know. All I know is that, I just enjoy more than anything and I just want to learn more and more about it. And hopefully, I do. And fulfill my dream to someday be part and working in the Fashion Industry. <3

5. Turning 18 and having my debut (October - November) - A girl only turns 18 once and it's one special moment because she finally gets to be a real lady. So, yeah. I'm not really sure if I'm a real lady already. I hope I am, though. HAHA. But now that I'm 18, I wish to accomplish big things in my life, taking a step closer to my dreams and touching other people's lives as well. Gotta live through La Salle's motto. Hahaha. But it's true and I hope to achieve that soon. My 18th was made special by all the people in my life. Thank you for sharing with me the most special night of my life, I know I've said thank you before already, but I wanna say it again. At night, I still replay in my head all that has happened on November 12. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

There. These are only five things and memories that I will bring with me on 2012 and there are a lot more, other big and small things. I'm simply grateful for all of it. 2011 is just plain awesome and it's saddening that it's coming to an end now. But I'm thankful and hopeful. My only prayer is that 2012 will be just as great to all of us. 2012 is another year to take a step closer to our dreams and our goals and all other things we want in life. I hope you all have a good New Year celebration and keep safe! Happy, happy new year everyone! :)

Love, Paola <3

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