Friday, December 16, 2011

Comfy and Chic

Last Thursday, my first official day of vacation, I went to Makati to have dinner with my parents since it was my dad's birthday. Traffic was crazy, of course. It's December and everybody is up and about but it's okay since there is a happy feeling everywhere now. The cold breeze makes it so much better too!

I wanted to wear something comfy but still chic. I opted for a dress that I never wore yet since I was reserving it, for what I do not know. Haha, but I decided to wear it already since it seemed comfortable and I wanted to take it out of my closet. I very much achieved the "comfy" part of this outfit. For the "chic" part, I'm not so sure. But I hope I did! I also felt good with this outfit since my tita said I look very "dalaga" in it. Haha, what do you think? :)

I've been wearing lots of blue lately but mostly royal and dark blue since I love the color so much. Pink is my statement color but I love this color so much too! The dress I wore is actually a top, well atleast it is with the mannequin who wore it before I bought it, but since I'm petite and not that tall, it work's just right a dress for me.

Dress - Chocolate Clothing || Black Cover up - Dash || Belt - Cache Cache
Necklace - Bazaar

Bangles - Aldo || Owl ring - Gift || Flower ring - Balikbayan Handicrafts

Also, these days I always seem to have my hair up in a bun. Thanks to the Goody Spin Pins, they make it effortless and a little more chic.

Thank you to my daddy for taking my outfit shots! Since we did not catch the sun because of the traffic, we went around Greenbelt looking for a place for my outfit shot.

We had dinner at Italianni's that night. I know it doesn't look very appetizing in the photo but I forgot to take a picture of it before eating since I was very hungry already. I love Italianni's! I always seem to eat healthy whenever we eat there. Craving for the potato wedges agaiiiiiiiin.

How's your Christmas vacation? According to the tweets and posts that I'm reading, everybody's having fun. Continue being happy and on a Holiday spirit everyone! Christmas is sooooooo near!!!

PS. I'm so excited to blog about my next post, it's going to be all about my Friday. I'm just waiting for the photos from my best friend so please watch out for it! :)

Love, Paola <3

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  1. beautiful dress and sandals!! so cute!!