Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today is another special day. Aside from the fact that it's the first official day of my Christmas vacation, it's also my Dad's birthday! YAAAAAAY!

Happy, happy birthday Daddy. >:D<

I know everybody knows how loving and nice and hardworking you are already so I won't be mentioning that anymore. What I want others to know, is how awesome of a dad you are. I know that people know you're a cool dad. But they can never fully know how cool you are even after this blog post. I'm the only person who can ever truly know that and it's one of the few things I'm glad that I don't have to share with others. :)

3 Reasons Why My Dad is Awesome:

1.) He's a great photographer - He's our family photographer! In every event he goes to, he has his slr. He also likes developing his professional shots in the biggest possible picture size. Sometimes I think it's funny, but I know I'd do the same thing. And since I blog, I'm the biggest benefitor of this. Thank you daddy, for being patient with me. And soon, I will do that change of pose in my blog that you asked for. Hahaha. But what I like most of him being a photographer? In my mom's words, daddy is the perfect example that it's never too late to start learning. Daddy showed me that although he's a manager, he's a dad and he does a lot of other things in between, you never stop learning and doing what you love. 

2.) He's a frustrated magician - There are always nights at home that we would hear the sound of cards falling on the floor. That's daddy practicing his magic. He has this iPhone App that teaches him all kinds of magic that already amazed pretty much every person in the family. There are times he would enter my room and instantly ask me to pick a card. Mommy and I would always try to catch the secret behind the magic. Haha, but we're never successful though. So in another life, I'm sure daddy would be a magician. But more than that, he has shown me far greater magic in life than cards and straws. And I'm sure that one way or another, he has also made magic in the lives of people he know. 

3.) He's our Superman - I think everybody know's already that Superman is daddy's favorite character. I know how much he wants to be Superman and save the world. But daddy, you're already the Superman in our family. I know you always say how mommy does everything so perfectly, and I agree. But you do, too. Thank you daddy, for being our Superman, for working hard, for being cool, for being patient, for everything a dad needs to be. We love you! Happy birthday! 

Love, Paola <3

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