Thursday, December 15, 2011


It's officially Christmas break and I'm so happyyyyyyy! I can now finally update my blog after hiatus and hiatus and hiatus. Christmas is so near too! Even the weather is starting to cooperate, giving us cold wind already. I hope it stays this way. There are also lights everywhere now too - at home, in La Salle, Roxas Blvd, Makati! Lights everywhere I go. I also try to listen to more Christmas songs now but I always forget to put them on my iPod. But Christmas is definitely here and everybody is just on better, happier mood! :)

So here's what I wore to my last day in school last Wednesday:

Wore this to school sans the heels. It just really goes well with the outfit that's why I had to wear it on my outfit shot. Hi Mei! >:D< Thank you for these shoes. My outfit was very boho-inspired. My inspiration was actually Taylor Swift since it was her birthday last December 13 and I wanted to copy one of her styles.

Top - Just G. || Tank top underneath - GVP Designs || Skirt - Seventeen
Belt - Amanda's Shop

Bangles - Gift || Brown ring - Balikbayan Handicrafts || Flower ring - SM Accessories

Shoes - People Are People

Meet my new favorite belt! It's so overused already although it's new. Hahaha. Mom bought it at a store called Amanda's Shop at the Teens Zone in Glorietta and it's now my new favorite belt!

My photos has very low quality here, I know. They are all raw and unedited hence the color and resolution. I cannot seem to view the pictures that Ken edited for me but I will replace them as soon as I get the pictures! Better pictures soon! 

I hope everyone's feeling the Christmas spirit! Go out and get inspiration everywhere! More updates in the following days! Good night. :)

Love, Paola <3

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