Saturday, December 10, 2011

Girly Me

I am giving myself exactly 10 minutes to do this post. If that's even possible. I am on a break from studying for my accounting finals, just waiting for dinner. I'm hearing the sounds of the utensils and plates downstairs so any minute now, they're going to them call my name. Haha. So this is going to be a fast one.

Like this post, the shoot I had for my outfit shot was also a quickie. This is probably the girliest outfit I've posted so far. I think that before all the fashion blogging and style experimenting, even before I had any knowledge about fashion, being girly was my style. My wardrobe was filled with dresses when I was a little girl and growing up, pink was my statement color. This outfit is actually inspired by my childhood style.

I've been wanting to wear this skirt for a long time but I don't know where to pair it with aside from the usual white tee. So I dug my closet until I found this shirt and decided to put a belt on it to make it more special.

Top - Gift || Skirt - Just G. || Belt - For Me || Necklace - Accessorize

Pink ring - Swatch || Floral ring - Mia Casa
I decided not to wear bracelets anymore since the outfit is already full of colors so I just wore rings.

All photos are edited by Kenneth Virtudazo.
Can I just say that I am really amazed with how the photos were edited? These pictures were really, really, really, really dark and somehow blurry. That's why I only had few shots since we had a hard time getting a proper shot. I'm just really amazed since I have zero knowledge in photoshop. Thank you bes! 

I hope everyone's still doing well with reviewing for finals. Last push for second term La Sallians, let's do this! Gonna go back to reviewing Accounting now.  :( My last accounting subject made me realize how lucky and happy I am that I shifted to Marketing already. Goodnight! 

Love, Paola <3


  1. love the print on your skirt and the color of your top!!