Monday, June 4, 2012

Let's Get Down to Business

Just a little intro: I'm taking up Marketing right now and in one of our major subjects, we are required to sell some stuff and in order to perfect the 25% of one of our subjects, we have to reach our quota hence this blog post! I have a list of all the products I am selling for this term so please, please, please help me reach our quota and buy from me! I know some of you are hesitant to make purchases especially if it involves a huge amount of money but I guarantee everyone that all our products are from the manufacturer themselves and authorized dealers so they are 100% legal and safe.

5. Avon products
9. Hedgren 
13. Sanuk
14. Nustrata Collagen Cream
16. iPad, iPhone and iPod products
18. Nokia phones
19. Samsung phones
21. HTC phones
22. Blackberry Phones

25. CIP Flatware
27. Staedler Pens
28. Root and Herbs Coffee
29. Globe prepaid load
30. Smart prepaid load
31. Sun prepaid load
32. Flexi Patch 

Please click the labels for the catalogs. If the catalogs are on a Facebook album, please check if it is on my account. If it is, you can just comment on the pictures or albums. If it is on another account, please just message me the model/color/quantity of the product here so that I will be able to see it. 

Some of the gadgets are priced at a lower amount compared to that of the market. For the pricelist of the gadgets and products that are on a dollar amount on their websites, you can reach me through my mobile number, Twitter or Facebook and I will give you the complete list of prices. I promise to reply immediately! :) All gadgets have warranty and return and exchange policies. So please, please, please buy from meeeee and help me spread this blogpost! I'm willing to accept orders from people I do not personally know since some of the companies are willing to shoulder shipping fee and you will be able to make the payment directly to them through bank deposits. Payments are either through cash, check or bank deposits. Please contact me in any way you want for more details! Thank you! 

Love, Paola <3

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