Tuesday, June 12, 2012


During my elementary years, Christmas parties were such a big deal to everyone since it was the only day we can all dress up. My mom really buys me a new outfit for Christmas parties in school. In grade 5 she suggested that I buy a denim pleated skirt that were so in during the early 2000s but I decided to stick with pants and a shirt instead. I can even remember the outfit I wore, khaki pants and a white tee with butterfly design only to find out that almost all the girls in my class are wearing denim pleated skirts. I felt so out of place that the next day, I decided to buy one. Haha! Since then, denim skirts became a big part of my wardrobe and then college came, and me needing no-brainer outfits that's why I decided to welcome printed skirts in my closet. And then just recently, I started to love mullet skirts. And just last Sunday, I wore my first ever maxi skirt. Well, semi-maxi skirt. It's amazing how trends evolve, and how your style evolves with them! :)

I was hesitant at first, since I was scared that it would make me look smaller but I guess it's all about the styling, like finding your waist and letting a belt cinch it then even without heels, it can even give you extra height!
Top - Forever 21 || Skirt - Cache Cache
I actually got this necklace from the Legaspi Sunday Market we went to. It's so simple yet so innovative, I can do so many things with it!
Bangles - Aldo || Eiffel tower ring - Apostrophe || Ring - H&M

Belt - Cache Cache

Love, Paola <3

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