Sunday, June 17, 2012

Going 50's

Polka dots always remind me of the 50's when women wore full dresses with tulle underneath and when every outfit wasn't complete without a pair of gloves and when every waist was belted. The summer of my second year in high school, I took theater workshop and participated in a play called Grease. Although it was the time that I realized that acting was not one of my greatest talents, I did enjoy portraying a quirky, weird high school girl from the 50's named Jan. My costume included a fuschia pink skirt with a big, big tulle, a thick black belt and a black shirt with a neon orange scarf plus Jan's signature pigtails. I remember that my 13 year old self was so proud that time for being able to put all those pieces together in less than a minute amidst the chaotic backstage we had. Reminiscing of those times since this outfit took me back to that particular memory!

Posting this picture first since I really like but it doesn't qualify as outfit shot when you can't see the outfit. So just randomly posting it instead. :))

And onto proper outfit shots...

 This skirt is so pretty I'm sure all the women in the 50's would be so proud of its creator! Haha. I love the whole paper bag and button down style. All I did was pair it with a simple top and a bead necklace as the only accessory and just let the skirt do the talking!
White tank - F&X || Cover up (used as top) - For Me || Skirt - Ever New
Necklace - Accessorize
A pretty flower earring that came out of nowhere in my bedroom.

Belt  - Ever New

Love, Paola <3

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