Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Minimalist Dressing

"Today's fashion disciples have made color-drenched, macabre black ensembles, and statement pieces the new standard stylish dressing, but this tendency begs the question: Who dares to wear classic white in a sea of maximalist dressers?" 

Did you get that? Sometime's I like to quote deep, informative statements that I do not understand! HAHA. It's taken from this month's issue of Metro magazine which I  personally thought of as the best issue I've ever read for a local magazine yet. What I like about the message is that with all trends that people try to keep up with, who dares to wear and go back to only basic dressing? Girls would agree on me when I say that sometimes, with all the stylish people around us, we cannot help but feel under dressed that's why we go with the latest fashion and what's in. But I'm learning that the most eye catching looks does not always come from trendy style but can also come from mere simplicity. :) 
Nothing too stylish here. Just simple whites paired together. Although I just cannot resist adding silver accessories! A classmate asked me once if wearing accessories can become hassle. Not at all! Although if the whole class is writing and there's a clanking and banging sound, that's probably just me and my bling blings...
Top - Bayo || Vest - Just G. || Skirt - Promod
Fringe necklace - Accessorize

 Flower bangle - Thrifted || Silver bangle - Aldo || Ring - Gift

Love, Paola <3

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