Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bright, Fresh and Floral

Taking a break from my newly found saleslady alter ego (please check this post) and going back to real outfit blogging! Mondays are always the hardest days for me. Okay, that's sound too deep. Rephrase: Monday is my least liked day out of all the days of the week. Mainly because I find it so hard to quickly move on from the weekend and to condition myself  to be on school mode again. This particular Monday was gloomier than usual which adds another reason to why I dislike it. So what do I do when I can't find the right mood to start the day? I find the right outfit instead! I made sure my outfit was exactly the opposite of what I was feeling. So I made bright, fresh and floral-ed! :)
Can I just say that there's one major thing I discovered while uploading these pictures? Except for my top, all of it are from my mom! Well, technically most of all the things I own came from her. HAHA. But the skirt to all of the accessories, was from her. (Translate: She bought it all for me)
Top - Bayo || Skirt - H&M

Necklace - H&M

 Bracelet and ring - Thrifted
 Charm bracelet - Gift

And here I present the crazy, hyper people who are all my term buddies right now. Since one thing we all share this term is our long break, we do the most random and weirdest and silliest things and when we're together - like taking jump shots with umbrella. Just because it's cooler that way! HAHA

Love, Paola <3

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