Friday, December 21, 2012


Feeling very asian in this outfit, with my polka dot skirt, ankle boots and high donut bun. Last weekend, my family and I drove up to Baguio to celebrate my dad's birthday. I came up with this outfit the moment I knew we would be going somewhere cold. I even wanted to wear black stockings for the full oriental feel! For the past months, my time has mostly been devoted to watching Japanese dramas. Back in second year high school, there was a japanese era in my life. I would study the language, watch tons of dramas, stalk my favorite j-actors, and memorize my favorite jpop songs. Now that era is definitely here again! And it's even reflecting in my outfits! My peg this season is definitely Japanese and Korean fashion! I wish we have winter in Manila. :( I'm made for colder weather and how pretty would it be to be wearing thick knits over frilly skirts with matching cute legwarmers underneath! 

Oh and my title by the way, is my favorite Japanese word! It means unbelievable and I just love saying it! Haha!

 For now though, this outfit's gotta make do! 
Top - Clothes for the Goddess || Skirt - Cotton On
Necklace - Apostrophe
Oriental fashion is almost never complete without the donut bun!
Boots - Forever 21

We just stayed there overnight since our main purpose was to visit Manaoag church. We just spent the night in Baguio to relax. Here are some pictures from our stay:
Baguio Country Club's beautiful Christmas tree!
Love the sky!
 We also visited Camp John Hay's Christmas village which was right across our hotel!
Almost all decors are made from recycled materials. 
 On our way home, we were lucky enough to witness this amazing sunset!
I'm still marvelling at its beauty :)

Love, Paola xx

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