Sunday, December 2, 2012

SG Day 1: Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a new attraction at Marina Bay that opened just one or two years ago. It is a big park that's part of the strategy of Singpore's government to transform the country in to a "city in a garden." It really has a unique structure, both inside and out and according to my research, they held a international masterplan design to seek world-class ideas for the garden. How cool is that? And when you're there, it really does feel like you're in paradise! The garden has the different parts, but what we visited was the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Cloud forest was my favorite! At that time, my feet was seriously suffering from pain due to intense walking but I lost myself inside, just marvelling at the beautiful flowers, mountain and falls!

The Sky Gardens. I think this is part of the park that you can access for free. Sadly, we didn't get to climb and explore it since it started to get cloudy signalling the rain.
 View from the queue of the ticket selling.
 The entrance to Flower Dome.
 This is how it looks once you enter the dome. I didn't notice it that time but I love how the ceiling looks in this picture!
 Reminded me of Harry Potter, the scene from Chamber of Secrets when they were pulling out the plants with noisy roots! Haha!
The landscape is so beautiful!
This picture shows how big of an indoor garden it is!
 As we were touring the garden, I saw a lot a bunch Japanese students in their school uniform! I just found it cute that they're wearing they're school uniform in another country! 
 They still have their Halloween display on. 
 On the way of out Flower Dome, they have this big touch screens that lets you destroy the environment and then save it afterwards!
As you enter Cloud Forest, this is the first thing that you see. The world's tallest indoor waterfall. 
 This is, without a doubt, the most breathtaking thing I've ever seen! 
I wish we could capture its true beauty in pictures but they don't do justice at all! 
 Behind the fall is a mountain like structure that you can climb. 
 View from below. 
 View from above. 
Display outside the dome.
It was drizzling already by the time we got out!
 Dark sky! So sad we weren't able to go to the Skywalk but my feet was secretly thankful that time! Haha!
Saw the same view on our way back and I'm still in awe. That's Sentosa on the far end! (I think) 
And that concludes my Garden by the Bay post! Day 2 up next! :)

Love, Paola xx

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  1. how stunning pictures!! i adore your shirt and the print on your pants!!