Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SG Outfit: The Traveller

Last weekend, my family and I visited Singapore. It was a long overdue travel, something that we originally planned 3 or 4 years ago but got postponed. I'm a hesitant traveller. I love going to different places but my love for travelling is directly proportional to my hate for plane rides. But Singapore was a city that I really, really wanted to see. Both my parents have been there in the past because of their business trips but this was also their first time to visit as tourists!

Can I just say I love Singapore??!!!!! Day one of our trip and I was already sold. I used to originally love Japan, but now it shares its top spot with Singapore! I love the modern and futuristic infrastructure, the people, the sights! Since my blog has been on a hiatus, I've prepared a number of Singapore posts to document our 4-day trip! But before all the spazzing, here's what I wore first:

Airport outfit needs to be nothing but comfortable. But I also wanted a nice, fashionable, tourist-y outfit. Solution? Denim polo and printed leggings! I love my floral printed leggings since it makes the look striking without much effort and whatever I pair it with, it dresses up in an instant! 
I love it when my brown hair shows in pictures! Haha!
Necklace - Tops
Denim top - Clothes for the Goddess || Leggings - Marks and Spencer
Bag - Longchamp

Sandals - Crocs
Sunnies - Topshop

This officially starts my Singapore diary!! :)

Love, Paola <3 i="i">

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