Friday, December 7, 2012

SG Day 2: Universal Studios

This is it! Finally posting our Universal Studios day! I was excited for this post the most but it was such a struggle to choose and edit from about 500 photos and narrow it down to my chosen 60. Yes, This post shall contain 60 photos so it's going to be a loooooong one. I was really looking forward to visit Universal Studios that's why although I was extremely tired during our first day, I made sure to gather every ounce of energy in me for this day! We only got to ride a few rides since we had to leave by 5pm but it was alright. I did get to ride the one ride I was looking forward to the most! Also, out of our 4-day stay in Singapore, this is the only day that there weren't any light rain. Lucky day it is!

Universal Studios is divided into 7 sections: Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Far Away, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi and New York. I tried my best to choose photos from all sections so here it goes:

This is the first thing I saw as we were going up to the escalator! 
The attempted jump shots!
As soon as you enter Universal, you'll see the Hollywood section. There's no rides here since it's mainly just stores after the entrance. This is also where the different characters stay for picture taking.
Next is the Madagascar:
 This was our first ride, the Madagascar carousel, for my mom's sake! Haha!
The crate adventure! 
Far Far Away:
Shrek's Castle! This is the Shrek 4D Adventure. 
It's so pretty <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
You see, I'm usually sun repellant. When the suns up, I'm usually under the nearest shade or the girl with the bright red umbrella. It was extremely hot during our Universal visit but I couldn't care less! I just felt like a kid wanting to explore everything! I did turn dark a bit right after but it was worth it!
Met Fiona and Shrek!
The Lost World!
The Canopy Flyer! This ride would've been fun since you have the bird's eye view of the Jurassic Park but it was too short. 
Right after Lost World is Ancient Egypt:
Revenge of the Mummy! This is the only ride that I regret not riding. Sadly, the lines were too long. :( It's an indoor roller coaster with The Mummy setting.
Sci-Fi City:
THERE IT IS! The Battlestar Galactica!
For a girl who used to be so afraid of roller coasters, I'm proud to say that I rode this one without any coaxing from anyone! My friends kept telling me that I shouldn't leave Universal without riding this ride that's why I prepared myself mentally and emotionally for it! Haha! The red one is called Human. It's like a normal roller coaster and it has no loops. Only sharp falls. The blue one is called Cyclon. This is different from the red one since you're feet are hanging and it has a lot of loops. 
We tried the red one first, since it's called Human. Might as well start with that. Haha. Honestly, the red one scared the life out of me. The first fall was the hardest and all that was on my mind the entire ride was that I'm not riding the blue one anymore! But of course, I gathered all my courage since I know that I'd end up hating myself if I didn't do it. :))
And here's the thing! I liked the blue one more!!! Although it was a lot trickier, the ride was way smoother. My legs were shaking right after! I can't believe I survived all those loops! *pats self on the back* HAHA 
Thank you again Tita Sulin for doing this ride with me!! :)
Also in the Sci-Fi City is the Transformers 3D ride which is the most amazing 3D experience ever!!!!
After Sci-Fi City, is New York:
The Sesame Street performing! Big Bird lost weight, didn't he?
This is kind of a signature pose for my mom and I! We had an exact same one at EK 16 years ago!
It's snowing!
Does anybody know who this is? I'm assuming he's Joker!
Also no idea who they are! Haha!
AHHHHH IT'S PO!!!! I had to go back many times just so I could have my picture taken with him!!!
This picture was out of pure effort <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
Before leaving, we also watched Waterworld!
They have seating arrangements for this show. If you want to be wet, you have to sit at the front most part. If you want to just be semi-wet, the middle part. And for those of us who were KJ (haha), back part it is! 
Our haggard selves and some happy Singaporeans. 
The show was amazing! The water must be about a minimum of 10ft deep!
And that's wrap on my Universal post! :)

Love, Paola xx

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