Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sun and Sand

I've never really been a big fan of the beach. Sometimes it confuses me that people say they love to be on the beach during summer because it's really hot. But isn't it hotter on the beach? The sun shines directly on it. Even the water's hotter on the beach! I think it's something I will never understand. HAHA! 

Anyway, Alona Beach was the first ever public beach I've been to. I've only ever heard of public beaches in Nicholas Sparks novel and seen it in summer chick flicks. Yet even though I'm no beach girl, I find it awesome that people can just go there, swim, watch the sunset, have a picnic and take long walks in the sand whenever they feel like it. I therefore conclude that public beaches are cool because they are one of the very few things in life that you can freely take pleasure of! I know it's not much of a revelation or even a realization since it's probably what "public" in public beach is supposed to mean but I find it amazing still. :)

 Beaches are not just the place where you can wear sexy swimsuits and bikinis. It's also place where you can parade short summer dresses, long maxis or beach cover ups in the prettiest colors and prints! 
Dress - F&X

Bracelet from Boracay given by a friend!
Hi Carlitos! The souvenir you gave me was able to see the beaches in Bohol too, not just Bora. :))
 Sunnies - Marks and Spencer
 This necklace was given by my mom which I think came from Boracay too!

Slip on - Havaianas

I'm sure almost everyone's planning to hit the beach this summer! Well, the only thing I'm sure I really like about it is the sunset. It's 10x more beautiful when you see it come down, like it's slowly descending into the ocean's depth and letting the moon take the stage. We didn't get to see the sunset in this beach though. But we did find other treasures!

I wonder where Spongebob is! :))

Well that concludes this beach-y post (no pun intended)! HAHA! How was your Sunday? I'm finally getting to start my legit summer tomorrow! Hope everyone's enjoying theirs. :)

Love, Paola <3

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