Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chocolate Hills

Here's the thing. I'm appreciative but I'm not that vocal. So the day we went to see the Chocolate Hills, I was my usual quiet self, but I tell you, I was blown away. I asked my best friend once before if the Chocolate Hills was beautiful and he said yeah, it was okay. I heard other people say the same thing about it too. I feel like they find it beautiful, but not beautiful enough. But honestly, for me it was breathtaking. How it differs in height and in sizes, how it is placed randomly together, how the trees enveloped the foot of every hill making it look like it's floating from the ground and how it seems like it has no end and go on for miles and miles and miles. I guess we all have a different eye for beauty. But it was beyond beautiful to me. 

And of course, like I said, I define summer as time to wear all the possible colors in the world. For our Bohol trip, I don't think I even packed neutral colors. For this outfit, I stayed with colorful pastels with the girly-est details such as floral prints and ruffles. :)
Inner top - Just G || Polo - Guess 
Floral shorts - Forever 21
The tarsier necklace was given by our tour guide! She each slipped one on us before the tour. I felt like a legit tourist! HAHA!

Vintage Necklace
Bangles - H&M || Floral ring - Forever 21 || Owl ring - Accessorize
Bag - Havaianas 

My Bohol posts are still not yet over so watch out for it! The picture barely do justice for the Chocolate Hills but I hope you find it beautiful as well! We have such beautiful places in our country, I have yet to see them all. So yeah, I guess it really is more fun in the Philippines! :)

Love, Paola <3

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