Friday, April 13, 2012

Summer Happiness

AND I'M BACK!!!!! I'm so happy that's it's finally summer vacation! I now have time to finish my incredibly long summer reading list, sleep late, wake up late, meet friends, learn how to drive, do nothing and of course, blog again! I am officially back to the blogging world after a hiatus called our finals week. My family spent Holy week in Bohol. Bohol is such a beautiful place with rich, strongly preserved culture. Since it's that special, I'm making a different blog post about it. But although this post is a week late, I wouldn't want to miss the chance to share my first take on summer outfits for 2012! 

 Yellow always reminds me of happiness. I don't think there's ever a negative emotion or thought you'll be able to attach to the color yellow. Usually, with such a loud and strong color and print for a skirt I'd town it down by pairing it a plain, simple top. But since it's summer, I went all the way by pairing it with an equally bright colored top for full summer effect!
Tank top - F&X || Skirt - H&M

Necklace - Tops 
And since I'm going all the way, I wore the busiest and most striking necklace I have in my closet! :)

Bangles - H&M || Ring - Balikbayan Handicrafts
Hat - Debenhams
To add complete the summer look, I rummaged through our attic for this summer hat. After all, what's summer without a floppy straw hat, right?
 Butterfly ring - Rustan's
 Sunnies - Topshop
Flats - Yosi Samra
Travelling requires lots of walking - from the airport, to arriving in the hotel, to discovering and exploring strange, amazing places. Yosi Samra flats will be your best friend and will happily do it's job of keeping your feet comfy even after all those.  

Like I said, I"m doing a separate blog post for our Bohol trip, all the places we've been to, all the food and all the things we've done but here's just a first glimpse on what has been our paradise for three days!

That's it! First official summer outfit post completed! In the next days, I will be flooding timelines with summer outfits, updates and activities. Some of my friends are still going to take their final exams tomorrow, so good luck everyone! >:D< For the rest that's done already, summer plans, anyone? :)

Love, Paola <3

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