Monday, February 10, 2014

A Recap on Graduation Day

I hope people are still not sick of me and my graduation posts! I've had countless graduation posts and updates since last wednesday so please excuse this one as it is another one of those. I've worked for this for the past sixteen years so I'm still on a graduation high. This post is a recap on how the entire day was for me!

The day started pretty early since our assembly time at PICC was 7:30 am. I had my hair and make up done at Great Cuts Salon at Intercon Hotel which was recommended by my mom's friend. 
Shoutout to Angelo of Great Cuts for taking care of me and my mom! He was friendly and professional and my look did last the whole day. Thank you! 
We went straight to PICC with our empty stomachs since I was afraid to be late and not get to walk the aisle!
Graduation was surprisingly fast and okay. With 850 plus graduates from different courses my friends and I were expecting a long, boring, dragging program but we were even finished before noon!
Of course, this day was not just about me but also for my parents who supported my education financially, emotionally (during hard times and failures and for always encouraging me), physically (by being present in all programs and events despite their schedule) and all other kinds of support they've given me for the past 16 years that I couldn't possibly put into words!
Really, really, really haggard this time since it was super hot that day and I spent about an hour roaming PICC to look for my parents since my phone gave up on me.
For lunch, I wanted to get away from the PICC area since I know that's where most people would be dining.
We had lunch at Passion Restaurant at Resorts World, my favorite cantonese buffet!!! I was starving that time since I didn't have breakfast so good thing it was a buffet, but then again 4inches of high heels is not buffet friendly so this place was perfect since it was a sit down buffet.
Right after lunch, we went straight to Chili's at Tomas Morato for my afternoon party with the family and closest friends!
Aside from my graduation, we celebrated my lola's belated birthday!
In every party, people are asked to give speeches whether they liked it or not. I, being no exception. Haha

So to all these people, whether you liked it or not, thank you!!! Haha
Yaaay! Congratulations to me!

But of course, my getting a degree is not out of my sole efforts. So many people have made this happen, my parents of course and my family, especially my mom who patiently tutored me for accounting even if I get grumpy whenever my financial statements don't balance, my dad, who from grade school up until college has done every artwork and drawing that I needed since I lacked the skills and my tita who tutored me when I was in grade school and insisted I memorized all of my notes. My teachers from grade school and high school for all their efforts and their well wishes for me until now. My professors who taught me every thing I needed and things our books does not contain. And to all my friends who went through this ride with me. We all kept each other sane in such a crazy environment. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel so loved and motivated to do my best on my endeavour!

Love, Paola 

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  1. That seems like a fantastic graduation party. Your post was really enjoyable too. My daughter would be graduating soon so I am also planning a surprise outdoor bash at her favorite party Venues in NYC. Hey I need some ideas for hosting a Rainbow themed graduation bash. Could you please help me with this?