Thursday, February 13, 2014

Taoyuan Airport

Hello from Taoyuan Airport, Taipei! It's been a long time since I last blogged about an outfit that I'm currently wearing as I type this. Though if this gets published, I'm sure I'm already in a different timezone in LA! We're on a 2-week trip to California to visit my cousins and I'm so excited for this adventure that for the first time ever, I'm feeling so eager to board the plane. Plane rides and I are not really the best of friends but I'm really looking forward to this trip! I also brought my laptop with me so I can document our adventures properly! I'm pretty sure I'll be bombarding my Instagram account so see you there too (its @paolakathrina)! As for my outfit, its a no-brainer to keep it absolutely fuss free since it's a 13-hour flight! It's an all black outfit to still create a statement. Keeping this short since we're boarding in a few minutes!

Promod top | KOB leggings | Accessorize backpack | Mango loafers | Coach Scarf

Here are a few photos from Taoyuan Airport. We are here for about 5 hours. I love this airport! It's like a mini HongKong airport! And since were in Taiwan, we made sure to grab some Xiao Long Bao and and Milk Tea! It's Instax heaven too! They have so many Instax film variety!!!
 It's also very kid friendly! They even have an X-box station!
I love these! I've always wanted to collect figurines of famous wonders and sights!
Foodcourt for our Xioa Long Bao fix!
 Currently, I'm in the airport library. It's my first time to encounter an airport library and of course, where there are books, I'm there! I'm hoping our airport can someday be like this too!

Boarding now! Praying for our safe flight! 

Love, Paola 

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