Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Year-end Post: Changes and Making Things Happen

Just a few hours until 2013 comes to an end and here I am looking back on how it has been for me. It's something I always do at the end of the year. I did a blog post on it last 2011 (see here), I wonder why I didn't have one last 2012, but this is an annual thing I do in my head, written down or published here.

I'd go right ahead and say it - this is my least favorite year. Though I wouldn't call it a bad year, that would just be insulting and hypocritical to so many people like those affected by the recent typhoon. A lot of things has happened this year - both good and bad but in general, this year was all about changes for me. My closest friends would know how I don't like change - I like things the way they are, I value traditions and I like knowing that everything's where it should be. But it doesn't work that way and maybe this is the year that I finally have to deal with it. 2013 was eventful. We moved to a condo (during weekdays) and although it's nice and convenient and has an Eiffel tower wallpaper, it doesn't quite feel like home; my academic life also ended this December and now it's time figure out what to do and explore the real world; I turned 20 this year and said goodbye to my teen years as I face the fact that I am now officially an adult; I had to let go of a few old friends yet also discovered new ones. Like what Adam told Carrie on the last episode of the Carrie Diaries, "it's all about perspective." At the end of the day, it's how you choose to see it, and I chose to be thankful for all that has happened in 2013, both pleasant and unpleasant.
But I'm also looking forward to leaving it behind and welcoming 2014 with a clean slate. The coming year holds so much possibilities and I'm excited to see what it will bring me. Although in possibilities, there are uncertainties, I'm geared up mentally and emotionally for it. One major thing to come in 2014 is me graduating for college (SEE YOU FEBRUARY 8 PICC!). Now that I'm an adult, I want to be more adventurous this 2014. And I don't mean the bungee jumping kind of adventure (although I'm up for that too), but those everyday adventures and life changing adventures and getting out of my comfort zone adventures. I feel like I'm so safe and so proper and maybe now it's time to go all out. I still want to write so much more here so that when a time comes that I'm too scared to take risks, or when laziness and mediocrity gets to me, or when I see challenges ahead of me, I'll remember the determination and hope I'm feeling now. But maybe I'll just summarize it up in one sentence: I want to make things happen this 2014!!!


Love, Paola

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