Friday, December 27, 2013

Unexpected Match

 It may be surprising that when I bought this outfit, I had no idea they go together. It was at H&M in HongKong. I was done fitting and was about to leave when my Ninang bought me a blue pants but with a wrong size. The fitting room line was crazy long so I just chose another pants my size with almost the same style and had it replaced. It was back in Manila, when they were already hanging in my closet that I realized they're matching and had the same print. And I happen to like unexpected matches just like dipping fries in hot fudge or mixing silver and gold which used to be a taboo but is now a trend or how two people with the completely different personalities can become best friends - things that we're not intended for each other but surprisingly go well together. Like now for example, I'm thinking of whipping up the Ghiradelli hot chocolate downstairs even if it's really hot outside. But it's Christmas afterall! 
Top and pants - H&M || Necklace - Thailand || Bag - Michael Kors || Belt - Stradivarius || Flats - Call it Spring

Love, Paola 

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