Saturday, January 11, 2014

Every Outfit Has A Story

Today, I have for you this outfit but let me talk about another outfit, in fact other outfitssss. This afternoon, I went up to our attic and found a box full of my dresses - cocktail, semi formal, gowns, even costume dresses! I unfolded all the dresses and realized that each one comes with a memory, with it's own story. There was the blue ball gown I used when I joined Miss Earth back in high school, then there was the pretty white dress I wore to a friend's all white debut party. It has this super long scarf design that my friends keep playing with by pulling it in every direction. Then there was the dress I wore during my first Philippine Fashion Week experience. Even the gown I used as a costume for our Literary Musical when I played a queen's character. It's quite amazing how a piece of clothing can transform into a souvenir for great memories. Just like this outfit I'm wearing in this post, it will always remind me of a fun, crazy karaoke night with friends - dancing on the couches and getting caught by the waiters, peanut fights and epic fails. 
 Top - Bottomline | High waisted shorts - Topshop | Belt - Stradivarius | Gold choker - Mia Casa | Watch - Michael Kors | Loafers - Topshop | Tote - Michael Kors

Just a few pictures of the night! I was thinking if I should post some of these photos since they're just phone photos hence the low quality but then I thought, never mind the photo quality, it's the quality of these memories that count anyway! Thank you again for last night, Nicole! Belated happy birthday!!! :)

Love, Paola

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