Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fictional Soul Sister: New Girl's Jess Day

We've all had that one character we thought was written for us and based on us. I've definitely had that many times before from the characters in books I've read or movies I've seen but it's not until New Girl aired last 2011 that I found my soul sister. I've been a fan of the show from the very beginning but school work got in the way right after Season1 ended. But now that I did a marathon for two days, I am reminded by how much Jess and I are alike. As much I'd like to be Blair Waldorf, I don't think I have what it takes to be in Gossip Girl. Carrie Bradshaw is living my dream life but we have very few similarities. I'm so not Jena in Awkward or the 2 Broke Girls, Max and Caroline or even Elena in TVD. I'm definitely a Jessica Day. Here are some screen caps proofs of our similarities: 

Embarrassing things about herself that she's not embarrassed about:

Her undeniable love for music:

And an even stronger love for food:

Her PMS moments (which girls all over the world can understand): 

Her view on passion:

Even her self doubts:

Her tendency to exaggerate things:

And her tendency to be completely clueless:

 Those emotional, ridiculous and repetitive 1am conversation with friends about love and being alone:

Her obsessiveness about grammar (this is so me!!!!):

Her self confidence despite all her quirks and flaws:

And the most important similarity between Jess and me? This is EXACTLY how I'd end a bad day too:

I think we even share the same wardrobe:

Her bright colored sundresses and cozy cardigans? Yes please!

Now where's my Nick Miller?!

Who's your fictional soul sister? :)

Love, Paola 

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