Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve 2013!

My very frist blog post for 2013! I can't believe that my blog is now on it's second year. Time is flying so fast but I'm glad I have place to document all the highlights of my life in this blog. There are nights when I would just randomly choose a post and read through it. It's like a time travel of sorts. It helps bring back all the happy memories! :) And with that, here's another highlight worthy of documenting. New year's eve is my most favorite celebration of all!!! For the past 19 years, I've been celebrating it at home with my family and it's a tradition that I never want to change. One exciting part of our celebration is our costume party. Last year, our theme was superheroes (see post here). This year, our theme was United Nations! I'm the one who comes up with a theme each year and I was hesitant at first with United Nations since it might be hard (we're not allowed to buy the costume so it's just our creativity at work). But everyone in my family is always up to the challenge! Here are our costumes: 

Namaste from my Indian dad (and his crazy mustache and turban haha)!
..and my Indian mom!
Ciao from my Italian mime artist tito!
Bonjour from tita representing France!
And since my Japanese phase is back on, Konichiwa!
Another Namaste from my cousin! India was very popular last night.
Salem Ale Kum from Egypt and Mabuhay from the Philippines! 
Yow! From my lolo. HAHA
Ola from Mexico!
I hate flash photography but we all look so happy here. :) Each year we vote for three winners. WHo are your bets? Can you guess who won? :)
And TADA! Winners from top 3 to top 1 respectively! Japan, Egypt and France represent!  
Although I just won third place, let us all take time to appreciate my effort to wing my eyeliner, japanese style. Haha!
Our food was also in theme! Native food for our Media Noche!
We also had some shabu-shabu!
Each year, we also do exchange gifts!
And as soon as clock strikes 12, we go out and watch all the fireworks display! 
Again, I really hate flash photography but look at all the happy faces in these pictures!
Happy New Year from our family! May you all have a blessed year ahead!

And this 2013, I hope to fill this blog with more highlights! This will be my year! :)

Love, Paola xx

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