Saturday, January 26, 2013

Places I Will Visit Someday

Ask people what part of the world they'd want to visit and I'm pretty sure the top 2 answers would be Paris, particularly the Eiffel Tower and Times Square, NY. These two are the most common landmarks people would want to go to that some would even say they're overrated. Everyone knows that I dream of Paris more than anything else. It was even the theme of my debut and in my room is a drawer fall of Eiffel Tower items and novelties. But although Paris has my heart, there are also other places that are on my bucket list. I used to be a hesitant traveler - I love being in another country but I hated the process of getting there. But as I grow older, I realize that I've developed a great desire for travelling. The four places I have on my list are not so popular and mainstream, not as much as NY or Paris or London. It's a little different from everyone's travel checklist but that's what makes it more exciting! 

1. Leap of Faith Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas
I saw this on a Tumblr three or four years ago and I was in awe. Atlantic Paradise is a waterpark the Leap of Faith is one of its major water slides. From the temple, the slide is connected to a tube that goes underwater. Once you slide down, you won't directly go in the pool and it's a pretty good idea since in the pool are Caribbean reef and nurse sharks! So it's basically like swimming with sharks with just the tube separating you from them. It seemed so surreal reading about it years ago but just recently, a friend just confirmed that she has actually been there!!!! Hearing her story convinced me that it's something I have to try someday! I know it's a scary experience but the risk, the adventure and the uniqueness makes it all the more desirable! 
The view from inside the tube!

 2. Locks of Love, Namsan Seoul Tower, Korea
Hating myself cause I probably could have been here last year when my parents went to Korea, but I love school so much that's why I didn't dare absent myself (haha, no not really). But at least not coming with them to the trip gives me the reason to go there someday! The locks of love is an East Asian tradition that is said to have originated in China. Lovers would lock their padlock on the tower and throw away the key to symbolize a love locked away forever. It's something I found out from Tumblr years ago too and being a hopeless romantic, it's something I wanted to witness since then.  Imagine just how many wishful thinking and hopeful promises were made in this place! There's also another locks of love in Paris! 

3. Ebisu Garden Place, Japan

According to a website, Ebisu Garden Place is one of the most pleasant cities in Tokyo. But the real reason I want to go there is because this was a very special setting to my favorite Japanese drama ever! To be able to go there and stand by the clock tower, knowing that this is where one of my most favorite stories unfolded is something only a fangirl would truly understand. Haha! I want so badly to go back to Japan. :( Without the earthquake scare this time! There's still so many things to do and places to explore! And despite our horrible earthquake experience last 2011, it's still my most favorite country! Wait for me Japan, I'll see you again soon! 
A scene shot in the area. This place played such a big role to this love story! Any Hanadan fans out there? :)

4. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, Iceland
Now this one I didn't discover from Tumblr anymore. Haha! I read about this on my favorite international fashion blog. It's a geothermal spa and its waters are part of a lava formation. The whole spa is actually located in a lava! The water temperature is 37-39 C and that's like heaven when you're surrounded by ice! It just seems like the most relaxing place on the planet. It is also named by National Geographic as a world wonder and according to them,  "the steaming turquoise pools of Iceland's Blue Lagoon, trapped in volcanic rock represent an otherworldly vision." 

There you have it! The 5 places (including Paris of course) that I promised myself I would visit someday! The day will come when there will a check mark beside the name of these places on my planner. Claiming it!

Love, Paola xx

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