Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Red Carpet: 70th Golden Globe Awards

Last January 13, the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards was held at Beverly Hills, California. Star World was broadcasting it live last Monday that's why I made sure to really wake up early for this. I love award ceremonies and I even did a red carpet post on the 2012 Emmy's here. I loved so many outfits in this year's Golden Globe! The mermaid style dress was a big hit, and colors such as nude and black. I was betting for Les Miserables the whole time and they took the house down! The film won best motion picture for a musical, Hugh Jackman for best actor and Anne Hathaway for best supporting actress! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!!!

Amy Adams and Taylor Swift (in Donna Karan)
Just one proof that the mermaid style dress made a big comeback in the Golden Globe! Oh and can I just say, I'm so proud of Taylor for putting her usual sparkly number to rest! The color of the dress looks gorgeous on her!
Julianne Hough and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
I love everything about Julianne Hough's dress - from the sparkles to the tulle to the cut! Rosie's leather belt was a fun twist as well!
Julianne Moore and Maria Menonous
Both simple and classy.
Kate Hudson (in Alexander Mcqueen) and Kaley Couco
Kate Hudson looks younger with her hair and make up! Kaley's beautiful as well with her wine colored lips! 
Anne Hathaway (in Chanel) and Emily Deschanel
I adore everything Chanel that's why I really liked Anne's dress. But she needs to gain all the weight she lost for Les Mis. She had to go through a rigorous diet for the film since she was playing a pauper. 
Jennifer Lawrence (in Christian Dior) and Adele
Jennifer Lawrence's stylist is a genius. In every ceremony, she wears the best dresses! Adele was in her usual look - black dress, big, poufy hair and dark eyemake up but it still works.
Ariel Winter and Kristen Bell
Two things: I wish I had the same dress when I was 14 years old and I wish I'll have the same look when I become pregnant someday.
Emily Blunt and Isla Fisher
Another trend in the Golden Globe was sparkles!
Lucy Lui (in Carolina Herrera) and Halle Berry (in Atelier Versace)
Lucy Lui wins for me! I'd say it's the best look of the night. It's something different and the color and prints of the dress brings out her asian features! As for Halle Berry, I know the dress doesn't work for many people but it looked really good on TV when she was giving an award. And it made her waistline look 18.
Heidi Klum and Helen Mirren
Heidi Klum pulling off an Angelina Jolie! 
Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman (in Alexander Mcqueen)
Here's my theory, J.Lo is a vampire (ala Twilight) and doesn't age at all. Look. At. That. Body. *bow* Nicole looks pretty good too!
Jody Foster and Tina Fey (in L'Wrenn Scott)
For such a youthful dress, Jody Foster did it justice (she's 50, btw)! I love the prints on Tina Fey's dress as well.

What are your favorites? :)

Love, Paola xx

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