Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We're all a little bit emo

Say hello to my emo-gothic-rock look! Haha, no, not really. Gothic rock has never really been my style since I don the girliest floral prints and colorful pieces. So this is as far as I can get. Anyway, this outfit proves that adding (and removing) a few touches here and there instantly transforms every look. Imagine this outfit without the black stockings. It would be an ordinary polo plus shorts combo (which was how I wore it later on). Also after seeing these photos, it was only then that I realized look emo so I decided to change my accessories. I replaced my layered cross necklace with pearls, removed my heavy beaded bracelet and change into sandals. I was attending one of my closest friends' house party and I figured my original look wouldn't cut it. But at least they look good in photos! 

I've always wanted to wear tights with my outfits but our weather doesn't really allow that. During late night hits, when I can't sleep, there's only two things I do: (1) random instagram searches of my favorite actors and actress (2) window shopping on international online shops. And almost always, I go check out their winter collection. As much as I know I was made for colder weather, I'm also grateful that we don't have winter in Manila so I won't feel pressured to make those adorably printed tights and beautiful coats and trenches part of my closet! Haha   
Polo - Bayo || Shorts - Debenhams
Bracelet - from my dad || Watch - Swatch
Cross necklace - Guess
Panda ring - Accessorize

Here are some photos from what went on that night. Whenever I see these people, I'm reminded that high school really never ends! More get together this 2013 please :)
Photos from instagram! Follow me: @paolakathrina

And since I missed blogging, there's more! :) Just a few pictures of the pretty tights that keep me awake late at night: 

I love the one with the heart the most! :) All photos from

Love, Paola xx

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