Friday, November 20, 2015

My Thoughts on MockingJay

Off the bat thoughts? I didn't like it.

Out of the 4 movies produced for this trilogy, I'd say MockingJay part 2 was the least likeable. Hunger Games was good, Catching Fire was better, MockingJay part 1 was uneventful but substantial. I think it would be better if they just created one movie instead of having it in two parts. There were just so many dead moments. I can only imagine how it was like to watch the movie if you've never read books. Conversations were too long and it lacks actions.

When I read the last book, I was quite at a loss in imagining the final scenes - the journey to the Capitol, the pods scattered all around, the underground escape. So I didn't have a solid picture in my head on how it looked like but I did like how it was interpreted and presented in the movie. At least cinematography was good. My biggest issue, however, is that the movies failed to show the great love story between Peeta and Katniss. They simply lacked intimacy and chemistry. The story line focused on the uprising and the war so much that they failed to show Katniss' pain when Peeta wasn't himself, Peeta's struggle with his feelings for Katniss which were clouded by torture and the journey they had to go through together when they were fighting in the Capitol. It was seriously the best love story in all the dystopian books I've read. But at least they put in my favorite line in the entire trilogy:

One last thing, Finnick's death was so underwhelming!!!!!!! :( His death will always be one of the most painful fictional deaths I'd ever have to live it. 

I was obsessed with this trilogy once. In fact, I also made movie reviews of Hunger Games (here) and Catching Fire (here). And now that it's over I'm a little nostalgic. Maybe I should re-read it for nth time?

Love, Paola xx

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