Friday, November 6, 2015

I'm Writing Again

Late Friday night thoughts - I have a gazillion of them right now. But probably the loudest one is that: Sometimes you feel loved, sometimes you feel lost. Its a win-lose situation but maybe that's okay.

Maybe its quarter-life crisis, maybe its the amaretto sour, maybe it's the heartfelt talk with a friend or maybe its the fact that I'm so happy I'm with my dog again after another work week. But whatever it is, I'm writing again. I'm so happy I'm writing again. It's my solace for as long as I can remember - from poems, to unfinished novels, to diary entries, to lengthy letters I don't give, to random notes on my phone. It's been so long, but here I am, writing again. 

That's it for now, but I'm writing again. (Can I say it one more time?)

Love, Paola xx

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