Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sadness and Everything in Between

Throwback to a particularly candid and happy photo of me because I spent my morning being sad today. It was one of those please-don't-talk-to-me-or-I'll-burst-out-crying days but by lunch time, I was all out of tears and I was so hungry to even care about my own sadness. I read a quote once that tells us to embrace our sadness and everything that comes with it. There are times when I get depressed over the little things and non trivial matters create a big impact on my disposition. It's frustrating, really. You tell yourself you have no right to lament over this or over that so you get depressed even more because there's nothing worse than not being able to explain how you feel to others, much less to yourself. But I think I'm learning not to belittle my sadness no matter how minute my reasons are. It's meant to be released anyway. So when I'm sad, I give myself time to mourn then after that I get back to regular programming and I'm okay again. You start to realize that in the bigger scheme of things, your worries are nothing but just spec of colors in an intricate painting. It's a #blessed life afterall.  

I'm spending my night with my ultimate lonely cure: food and Taylor Swift therapy. Right now, she's singing We Are Never Getting Back Together as I enjoy my Chef Tony popcorn, cause Taylor knows just which songs you need to hear. So if your sad over the tiniest things, whether it be because of the inconvenience APEC has brought us, or because you will be working through the long weekend, or maybe because a certain person hasn't replied to your text for days, be sad then get over it and be thankful instead. 

Love, Paola xx

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