Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Working Girl: The Corporate Chronicles Part 1

Something new on the blog today - corporate wear! Back in college, I told myself a countless of times to never succumb to the monochromatic, lifeless, no brainer office wear, regardless of its comfort and practicality. Yes, there are times when I question my better judgement on why I torture myself in 4 inches of high heels, especially when it rains or when we decide to have lunch out and crossing the street in 15 seconds becomes a real challenge. But I believe that external factors greatly affect internal reactions. When you surround yourself with happy people, you eventually become a happy person too. Likewise, when you dress well and feel good about yourself, you project radiance and confidence. Every morning, I look forward to dressing up for work. I'm on my third week already and it's been smooth sailing so far. Although, I'm currently feeling a bit under the weather because of a couple of stints under the rain and a few cups of chocolate chip ice cream so tomorrow, I'll make sure to dress up even nicer than usual to make up for this sore throat! 

 This is what I wore during my first day in the office (we had to spend 3 days in the plant wearing just smart casual) so I chose something that slightly more on the traditional corporate wear. Coincidentally, this top was the same one I wore during my final interview before I got hired and some of those who saw me asked, "Were you the girl in red that time?" Proof that outfits help you become remembered! 

Mango Top | Zara Pencil Skirt | Michael Kors Bag | Call It Spring Stilettos
 I've worn this outfit a couple of times already for previous interviews and its probably my most favorite! It's chic and stylish yet formal at the same time. Its playful but also projects a certain respectable personality. This is my go to outfit when I want to make the right first impression, hence I wore this during my first dealer visit.

Zara Top | Promod Skirt | Longchamp Bag | Call It Spring Stilletos
Wearing one of a kind pieces such as this sheer floral midi skirt is sure to fish out some compliments in one way or another. I got a few ones for this bright and happy outfit. I decided to make other elements plain and simple with my white button down and silver matching bag, shoes and accessories to balance the playfulness of the entire look.

Mango Buttondown | Topshop Midi Skirt | Tory Burch Bag | Topshop Stilettos

Love, Paola xx

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