Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Past, Present, Future

I spent this afternoon back in DLSU for some pre employment requirements and boy, do I miss Taft life. I've read this quote on Tumblr a few years back, "Everything is magic until it becomes a routine." And so far, in every aspect of my life, it has been proven true. Being a college student a few months ago seemed like the most ordinary thing for three years. It was a routine, going to school Mondays to Thursdays, meeting my professors, the usual where-to-eat-lunch dilemma, the hassle enlistment process at the end of  every term, doing research in the library, being so happy that Friday means no classes... and the list goes on. Now that I'm out of that lifestyle, no matter how excited I am to be a working girl (in 5 days no less!!!), I realized I  kinda miss my university days too. 

I remember a particular conversation with friend once when we were in our sophomore year in high school. Between our freshmen and sophomore year, our high school implemented an improved grading system (which means higher passing rate). She tells me how much she misses our freshmen year, how it seemed so easy and how we used to be carefree. Then another conversation comes to mind, this one was overheard from two senior girls I saw during our Frosh orientation in La Salle. The other girl looks at us, a long line of Froshies, then goes, "I'd give anything to be a Frosh again." It seems like a part of us will always be stuck in the past.

I am a creature of habit. As boring as it sounds, I find comfort in routine. But I have always been future oriented. I'm always looking forward. When I was in grade school, I looked forward to entering high school, then I looked forward to having the freedom of a college student then I looked forward to being part of the corporate world. However, there's also this part of me who keeps on looking back, who keeps on imaging how easy and simple and different things used to be. It's kind of a paradox, really. Nostalgia hits me once in a while, I like remembering how things were and how much things have changed. But then I know that the best days are yet to come so I always look ahead. Being wistful yet expectant balances things out for me. One lesson I'd love to learn soon is how to completely stay in the present - to not look back and not look ahead but completely immerse myself in the moment. 
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Love, Paola

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