Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Working Girl: The Corporate Chronicles Part 2

My corporate chronicles is back! As usual, I failed yet again with my resolution to blog weekly especially since the past week was composed of having cough and colds and rainy days. Although I think I had a change of heart recently, suddenly the rain makes me feel a little bit bettercompared to when I used to hate it so much back then. Things really does change eventually. Right now, work is feeling more and more like a routine in a good sense - I feel more at home day by day while learning and getting exposure at the same time. I wonder what other changes are bound to happen soon.

Playing with Nude
This outfit gave me instant height! As I'm not really tall, I like playing around with different shapes of clothing to accent parts of the body the gives the illusion of height. The side lining of these slack accentuates length combined with its high waist cut. Plus wearing nude heels instantly gives of additional height since it elongates your legs because of its color.

Mango Top | Miss Selfridge Slacks | Forever 21 Blazer | Michael Kors Tote | Aldo Pumps
Trying To Be Donna
Donna from Suits is one of my life pegs (Can she and Harvey get together now please!!!!!). I'm a big fan of the show and with every episode I wished that I had even just a part of her guts and awesomeness! Sadly, the closest I can be to being her is just by dressing the part, lol. When it comes to real corporate outfits, Suits characters are the true master! 

Mango Top and Skirt | Longchamp Bag | Call It Spring Heels
One of my goals when it comes to dressing up for the office is to look mature. Honestly all my life, I've been receiving comments that I look so mch younger than my age (I mean, a security guard even thought that I was just 12!). And though I think I'd appreaciate those compliments 10 years from now, right now I just want to look mature and a big part of my "project maturity" goal comes from the way I dress. But there are days when I can't help but go back to my innate personal style - a-line skirts, pastel colors complete with an all around sweetheart image! 

Mango Top and Skirt | Michael Kors Tote | Aldo Heels | Debenhams Belt

Love, Paola xx

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