Friday, July 4, 2014

The Smart Girl Guide's To Sale Season

It's sale season once again!!!! It's been going on for the past two weeks now and more and more brands are putting on that big, red, four letter word banner on their display windows and offering last season's merchandise at discounted prices. Like most girls, I have a love-hate relationship with sale season. As much as it is pure joy to find that piece of clothing you've been eyeing for a long time at a lower price, it requires self discipline. Over time, I've developed a technique on how to not be an impulsive buyer. Whenever I'd see a piece of clothing I'd like, I'd try to think of three pieces in my closet that would match it. If it's a top, I'd think of at least three bottoms I that I can pair it with. That way, you get to maximize it's full potential. During sales, I've developed further decision making techniques. Shopping is more methodical than you think (at least for me). So for this post, I wanna share my own smart guide for sale season.
 First things first, there are two stages to sale season (three for other brands). First stage is during the start of the season when it says that items are up to 50% off. Second stage is when the items are at 70% off (other brands start at 30% off). There are also other brands who doesn't use percentages. They start at announcing "sale", then move to "further reductions" then to "further, further reductions." This mostly true to RSSI brands such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse, etc. Pretty analytical, huh?

I personally prefer going in during the first day of the sale. My first technique is to get everything I've been eyeing and fit them all. Once I'm done, the decision making starts. I first filter the pile to "want" and "really want". During the first stage of the sale season, most items are not yet priced that low. I prioritize my really want pile first. My want pile are reserved for when the further reductions come. Then I go check my really want pile where they are displayed in the store. When there are still a lot of stocks available in my size, I transfer it to my want pile. When there are no sizes left or the stocks are few, it goes straight to the cashier. Fitting all the clothes during the first day means that when further reduction starts, I won't have to go through the entire store again. I'd just go to one section and get my size. It saves time and effort, plus it's naturally crazy during sales, but when further reduction starts, things can disappear in just a blink of an eye.
 My second technique is knowing what branch to visit first. Although it is one brand, most of its merchandise varies in its branches. Some lines are only available at specific branches. During the first day of the Zara sale, I visited the one in Greenbelt and it was crazyyyy! Going inside was like stepping into a dystopian society with hungry, aggressive female leads. Plus my size was always the first one to go so it was a hopeless case. I decided to try my luck at the Glorietta branch and I was so surprised at how peaceful it was! This branch was also so much bigger so they have more collections and more items on sale. So even though I like visiting all accessible branches, I make sure to prioritize which branch to visit first. Now that I've thought about it, it's kind of tedious process. I list down in my mind all the accessible branches then do a "really want"/"want" filter per branch, per brand. And seriously, how brands are on sale right now??? But hey, all for the love of shopping, right?

Coincidentally, all the items I'm wearing in this post I got on sale. I got the top during the first stage of Mango sale (they're on 70% off now by the way!) at their BGC branch. I personally think that that's their best branch since it's quite big and not many people know about it so stocks are not that limited. My pants are from Promod and I got them a few seasons back at 70% off. I also got my heels a few months back which were on 50% off. So you see, shopping when done right, is an art! Haha!

However, to every plan there is a flaw. And the flaw in this one is that there is no guarantee that during the second stage of sale season, my "want" pile would still be on stock seeing as how competition is very stiff (lol). So during further reductions, when I go to my "want" section and I don't see it there or my size is no longer available, I just make a mental note and say "Oh well, not meant to be!".

And yes, even during shopping, I believe in destiny.
Mango Top | Promod Pants | Dune Platform heels | Michael Kors tote 

Love, Paola

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