Saturday, November 23, 2013


I've never had a sport. I was one of those kids before who falls into the lazy and lampa category. I've never even learned how to ride a bike, which surprises most people. If I didn't get swimming as my PE back in my freshman year, I never would've learned how to swim too. Doing sports has so many benefits but in my head, all those benefits are triumphed by just lounging around in bed. Like some girls, I'd say the closest sport I had was shopping. Sports fashion is such a trend nowadays - gym shorts are converted can now be worn as casual shorts thanks to pretty prints, sneakers are not just for running but now be for runway because of the heeled sneakers and jerseys, which used to be just worn by basketball players are now getting a makeover with pretty florals and crop styles just like what I'm wearing! How very SNSD! However, I still can't go all out so I chose a stacked pearl necklace and a tote to go with this outfit!
 Jersey Crop Top - Bershka || High-Waisted Shorts - Debenhams || Flats - Yosi Samra || Tote bag - Michael Kors || Sunnies - Aldo

Love, Paola

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