Thursday, October 31, 2013

20 Things About Me On My 20th Year

It's official! I'm out of my teen years!!! I feel so old already! But then there's also that part of me still feels like I'm 12. Anyway since I'm 20 now, this calls for a self appreciation post (Wait, that sounds conceited haha) so let me just share 20 facts and random quirks about myself! 

1. I have a box of special trinkets that contains random things I made as souvenirs during special times. From the hair ribbon I wore when we won the cheering competition back in high school, the sticker I put in my uniform during retreat, the number they pinned to my dress when I joined a pageant, the theme park ticket on my 16th birthday and a whole lot more! It is literally the best memories contained in a box. 

2. I have weird food choices and quirks. I don't eat seafood but tempura's my favorite. I don't like dishes with tomato sauce (except for pasta). I mix my sundae and I don't stop until the fudge and vanilla have really combined (most of my friends are grossed out by this). When I eat KitKat, I don't break it, I bite the whole block (most of my friends are scandalized by this) and I hate anything caramel and mint. 

3. I'm OC with deadlines. Whenever I have work to do, I do it the soonest possible time. I'm the girl who'll stay up until 2am writing a paper on a Friday night even though there's still the weekend in front of her. I don't like the feeling that there's still something I have to do when I should've done it already.

4. I take singing in the shower to a whole new level. People sing in the shower - its normal. But with me, I don't just sing. I perform in the shower - with matching dance steps, main vocals, back up vocals and sometimes I even do my accompaniment. I also always bring my iPod and dock when taking a bath.

5. I tend to fold, roll and tear papers that I'm holding unconsciously. It's habit that I've noticed way back in grade school. Whenever I have any kind of paper in my hands, I find myself folding and rolling it then tearing it into pieces. That's why Starbucks and DQ staff give me strange looks whenever they ask for my receipt.

6. I don't like talking in the morning. I'm not a morning a person. On weekends, when I have the control on my time, I wake up at lunchtime. I still can't imagine how I survived a 7am class time in high school.

7. If I get to be a mean girl, I'd totally be Blair Waldorf. In a heartbeat!!!! I've been copying her style ever since. Gossip Girl has ended for quite a while already but I still love her so much - from her signature head bands, to her crazy, bitchy antiques, her 5-inch platforms and her totally strange but totally romantic relationship with Chuck Bass.

8. One of my life goals is to try all Pocky flavors. I can't even count how many times I've professed my love for Pocky and how different the ones made here and made in other countries from the one made in Japan. There are only about 100 flavors of Pocky in Japan and I've had about 20 flavors off my list so good luck to me!

9. I just HAVE to constantly check Instagram. Take away my TV, deactivate my Facebook and Twitter, I don't mind. But I just need to be updated with Instagram. It's a thing.

10. I can't walk in slippers. Literally speaking, I can of course! But it's really hard for me. My feet hurt after a while and it gets hard to walk properly. I never got used to it since I really don't like wearing slippers and I believe that it should only be worn at home or at the beach. But I don't expect that from others of course! Again, it's a thing. Haha.

11. I've pictured my wedding in my head ever since I was a little girl. The scenarios changes every once in a while like the color of my motif, the style of my dress, the church and everything but I constantly imagine what my wedding would be like. Not that I'm in hurry or anything. Maybe it's a girl thing?

12. Titanic is my ultimate favorite movie and I still get depressed whenever Jack dies. I could watch this movie everyday for the rest of my life and not get sick of it. Leonardo was dreamy in this movie and it still breaks my heart everytime Rose would try to wake him up but he ends up sinking in the ocean. 

13. One lesson I learned in college that I will always be grateful for is learning how to cross the street. I very rarely commute so the biggest obstacle I faced in my freshman year (aside from calculus) was crossing the street. But eventually, I learned to do that on my own after constantly being dragged by my friends or holding tightly onto the handle of their bags. 

14. As much as I love dressing up, nothing beats my big worn out shirts and cotton shorts. Home clothes are awesome and its when I'm wearing them that I feel most like myself. 

15. I'm a big Disney fan. I was a Disney baby, a Disney teen and now that I'm 20, a Disney adult. I still have Disney princess theme songs and the High School Musical album (all 3 of them) on my iPod.

16. I'm so drawn and fascinated by the Japanese culture. It started with my love for J-dramas, then J-pop then I got to visit the country and totally fell in love with it. I even tried studying the language on my own. They have 3 alphabets, I've mastered the first two (Hiragana and Katakana) but Kanji was totally a different story.

17. I can get extremely talkative at times. In general, I don't talk very much. Most people tell me I'm reserved and sometimes too quiet. I'm usually like that to people I'm not that close to. But to certain family and friends, there are times when I talk like there's no tomorrow. 

18. I overanalyze things. I have the most active imagination. I come up with all kinds of scenarios in my head and try to digest words which often leads to paranoia and hasty conclusions and assumptions. 

19.  I'm a goody-goody and bit conservative. More than I'd like to admit, I guess. My friends label me as the "good girl". I rarely drink, I'm uncomfortable wearing really, really, really short shorts and people tell me that I'm always proper and poised.  

20. I value loyalty the most. It takes a while for me trust and really get close to other people, but when I do, they have my loyalty for all eternity (woah, big word haha). But seriously though, loyalty is so important to me and it's something that I value highly.  

So there you have it! 20 things I learned and discovered about myself for the past twenty years! Thank you to all the friends and relatives who greeted me on my birthday. And of course, thank you mommy and daddy for everything these past 20 years!

Love, Paola 

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