Saturday, October 26, 2013

Book Review: Hex Hall Series

Hex Hall Series: Hex Hall, Demonglass, Spell Bound

Yet another blog post! I am on a roll! Haha anyway, I've decided to stick to four criteria with rating books: plot, writing and execution, characters and cover. I know you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover but since we all do it and it does give impact to a book, I decided to add it too! Although, in no way will I summarize the books in my reviews since there's for that! Moving on the to Hex Hall series.. 

Plot: (4/5) The series was a fast read and I liked it more than I expected to. All three books had a solid plot and I like the pace of the story. However, there were a few times when it seems a little confusing and some stuff details were missing out. But all in all, I like the storyline enough to finish each book in less than a day.

Writing and Execution: (3/5). The dialogues were the best!!!! That's what I enjoyed the most in this series - Sophie, Jenna and Archer's conversation! It was such a fun read because of that but the overall writing of the book was just a 3 since there are times when it seems like the story is too rushed. There are times when I felt like it switched scenes so fast. On other books it might not work, but since it I like the storyline of this series, I wasn't all that bothered with the writing.  

Characters: (5/5). Sophie is a character to love, I swear!!!! Her sarcasm is so entertaining and not even a little annoying. Although there was part in Spell Bound when I feared she'd transform into Bella Swan circa New Moon somewhere along the way. Archer didn't make a huge impact on me at first but he's the kind of character that goes on you. I loved Jenna as well and I think her and Sophie makes a perfect tandem.

Cover: (2/5). I think the cover's really nice and it's what made me read the book since it intrigued me when I passed by it at the bookstore. However, it's totally unrelated - the two sides of the girl being portrayed, her outfits, the props used and all. Like seriously, I don't think Sophie held an umbrella in Demonglass, I'm pretty sure the word umbrella wasn't even mentioned in the book so why put it there? I also don't get why they consistently put a cat on the three covers when Sophie's even allergic to cats! 

Overall rating: (3.5/5)

Love, Paola

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