Sunday, October 27, 2013

Boggled Blogger

Posting two days in a row! Yaaaay me! Anyway, as I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm reviving this blog again along with a few changes. For quite a while, I was set on being "fashion blogger". For a few months, I was doing fine but the fashion blogging industry has taken on a new level now believe it or not, I felt pressured to be part of that which means I was always conscious of the number of views I get, top blogs ranking, if I was dressing well enough for my outfit to be posted online and all that stuff. I was becoming so OC with all that, that I was comprising how I really want my blog to be. They say a fashion blog's not supposed to be to long since it might bore people and most of the time, it should focus on mainly fashion itself. I didn't quite succeed on that since I never really learned how to write short. It's a thing. Ever since grade school, my essays would always be a minimum of 3 paragraphs, in two pages of papers back to back (sometimes its a skill, other times it's just a hassle). Also, every now and then, my thoughts go somewhere else and I end up talking about totally unrelated stuff. But my love for fashion never wavered, the picture above being one proof. 

I considered becoming a food blogger. All it takes is one look into my Instagram account for someone to realise my love for food and eating out. But then again, to be a food blogger you have to be adventurous with what you eat and have a wide variety of palette. I'm neither since I'm picky eater and I always end up getting the same orders and eating at my usual restaurants. I like to be safe when it comes to my food choices knowing that I'd enjoy since it's a usual. So full time food blogging is out of question.

Then I thought of being a book blogger since two my friends are doing it (Hi Chel and Agine!) and since I'm such a bookworm! I thought it would be nice for authors to send you books even before they are publishes just so you could give them a review in return. But then I'm a picky reader as much as I'm a picky eater. I only read books that I like. I'm also very mainstream with my books, which is not advisable for book bloggers since they interact with new and up and coming authors. So I realise couldn't commit on being a proper book blogger.

There are other types of blogging that I've considered but I came to the same conclusion. So what does that make this blog? Well, I've decided to go with a cliche, "a jack of all trades, a master of none." Since I can't decide what to be, I decided to be it all! A fashion blogger, a food blogger, a book blogger, and whatever kind of blogger I might I want to be soon.

So I were to say it keep short, it would just be "I decided to blog on all kinds of stuff, be a blogger of all sorts." I let labels go and just decided to blog freely. See, I told you I never really learned how to keep my writing short! Till my next post!

Love, Paola

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