Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Walkway Experience @ BGC

Reviving my blog again for the nth time! I've had many plans before on going back to blogging and was supposed to start with our HK trip last weekend but first I wanna share the Walkway experience at BGC we had last night. It's called Walkway: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross. It's a different take on the usual Visita Iglesia. I've always loved the traditional Visita Iglesia where we visit different churches and do the station of the cross. The Walkway was a little different since the message was more of like a story. It is interactive as well, you do a particular activity per station in relation to its message. Whoever thought of it this was genius and I hope everyone can experience it, but if not, let me share with you the entire activity through pictures! 

First station: The Garden. It talks about fear and how Jesus was scared while He was in the garden of Gethsemane and we were asked to look in the mirror to face and remember our own fears. 
Second station: The Betrayal. This is about Judas' betrayal and how he's the "most notorious traitor in history." We were asked to get a piece of read cloth to remind us of the people we betrayed and the people who betrayed us. 
Third station: The Trial. It talks about the officials who persecuted Jesus and we were asked to reflect on the kind of leaders that we want our country to have. Very fitting for the upcoming election. It was also a great reminder for me now that I'm a voter already. Ever since I was young, I couldn't care less about anything that involves politics and the government but this reminds me that I now have to take responsibility. 
Fourth Station: The Verdict. It talks about how Pilate could have changed Christian history but he was too much of a coward to do so. Here, we were given a chance to change a child's life by donating for their education. 

Fifth Station: The Whip. This discusses the scientific side of the process of whipping. I got chills just by reading it because it talks about how the whip penetrates the muscles and the bones and to think that people actually experienced this before. Here we were asked to pray for someone who needs physical or emotional healing.
Sixth Station: The Curse. It relates the crowning of thorns to the consequences of man's choices over time. The crown of thorns symbolizes Jesus' sacrifice for us. The activity here was to take a green cloth and pin it over the thorn bush to represent a challenge for us to take care of the environment. There's also a petition that we signed for the planting of 300 trees in Taguig. 
Seventh Station: The Cross. This is about the route Jesus took while carrying the cross and there's a small area where we could actually experience the weight of the cross to empathize and understand more what Jesus went through. There's my dad carrying one!
Eighth Station: The Two Simons. This one is about the difference of the two Simons that Jesus encountered. First was his disciple who betrayed him and the second was a stranger who helped him. We were asked to be the second Simon by picking a paper from a bowl full of prayers and pray for that stranger's prayer and drop our own prayer as well to be prayed by others. I loved the idea of this station! It's not everyday that we trust our prayers to other people and pray for someone else's instead.
Ninth Station: The Crucifixion. This discusses the crucifixion of Jesus and how he did only out of pure love for all of us. The activity here was to take out the red cloth we have from station 2 and to write using only our fingers at least one sin we are guilty of and to nail it in the cross as a symbol of letting it go. 
 Tenth Station: The Mother. This one talks about Mama Mary and the strength and love she showed all throughout Jesus' suffering. It is a reminder to cherish our own family and we were asked to tell them how precious they are to us in any way.
 Eleventh Station: The Promise. This station is about the repentant thief jesus encountered while they were nailed to the cross. Here we were simply asked to pray a prayer of humility just like what the thief did.
 Twelfth station: The Darkness. Jesus dies on the cross and darkness envelopes the land. It talks about our own darkness and how to it seems like it has no end. We enter the dark room and we were reminded that although it may seem permanent, our darkness will come to an end. I actually shared this photo through instagram since the message is so powerful. 
  Thirteenth station: The Cloth. The only one with a different background since it is about Jesus' rise from the dead. It reminds us that Easter i a sign of hope and we were asked to think of at least one person who gave us hope and hang it.
Fourteenth Station: The Invitation. The last station! This one is about the Church and how we are all part of it. The activity here was to take a piece of bread and a cup of wine and to eat it in the area provided as a reminder that we are all part of one community. 

Reflect well this Holy Week! :) 

Love, Paola xx

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